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work done so far
Group Composition
Current Research Programme of the Group
  • Development of low cost zero-energy cooling chambers for field heat removal   and storage of fruits and vegetables and its transfer to small farmers
  • Strengthening National Capabilities to Mitigate Vitamin A Deficiency in the Pakistani Vulnerable Population Using Stable Isotope Techniques
  • Development of Rapid Test Kit (RTK) for Qualitative Determination of Peroxide Value (POV) in Oil/Fats
  • Development of functional/therapeutic foods through food fortification and enrichment to improve the nutritional status of vulnerable Pakistani population 
  • Method optimization and assessment of fortified iron in wheat flour samples collected from local markets of district Peshawar and Nowshera


Work done so far  
  • Nutritional evaluation of Milk Thistle seeds.
  • Iron fortification of roller milled wheat flour in Pakistan.
  • Nutritional and physiological evaluation of Red Palm Oil (Carotino).
  • Fortification of Vanaspati Ghee in Pakistan with red palm oil as a natural source of Vitamin A.
  • Utilization of dried citrus peel (an agro-waste) in poultry ration.
  • Radiation decontamination of commercial poultry feed
  • Iodine stability study in different climatic conditions and different packaging materials         
  • Developed RTK for qualitative determination of Fortified Iron in wheat flour
  • Developed RTK for qualitative determination of Fortified Vitamin-A in edible Oils/Fats
  • Developed RTK for qualitative determination of Peroxide Value (POV) in edible Oils/Fats
  • Development  Zero Energy Cooling Chambers (ZECCs) and its dissemination to small farmers

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