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The Nuclear Institute for Food and Agriculture (NIFA), an establishment of Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission, is actively involved in basic and applied research in selected areas of food and agriculture. The institute is well equipped with modern laboratory facilities and trained manpower. It maintains an active collaboration with PAEC establishments and other national and international organizations engaged in similar pursuits. Utilizing the expertise and the facilities available, NIFA organizes, annually, a One-week postgraduate training course on the applications of nuclear & other techniques in food and agricultural research for students, researchers and academicians.

The course is designed to acquaint the participants with theoretical and practical aspects of Nuclear and other contemporary techniques. Apart from lectures in the specialized fields, the course also provides the participants a practical exposure to various on-going research projects at NIFA. The faculty comprises of subject experts from NIFA as well as other organizations.


The course is usually scheduled during the last quarter of each year (October).

38th Training course will be held from 16-20 October, 2023.


Required qualification
The minimum qualification required is B.Sc./B.Sc. (Hons.) Agriculture.

Applications duly completed on the prescribed format should reach, to the course organizer, on or before September 25 , 2023. In-service candidates must apply through proper channel. Download Application form and Course Brochure
Award of certificates                    
The certificates will be awarded at the concluding ceremony of the course.
Registration Fee
Rs 3500/-  for Professionals
Rs 2500/-  for Students


The participants or the nominating agencies will bear the expenses for travel and stay at Peshawar. NIFA will, however, help in arranging accommodation (on payment) if requested in advance. Pick & drop facility will be provided free of cost within Peshawar on main G.T. Road from NIFA to Hayatabad (Bagh-e-Naran Jehaz chowk).

  1. Dr. Gul Sanat Shah, DCS / Director
  2. Mr. Muhammad Zahid, DCS/Course Coordinator
  3. Mr. Shahid Akbar Khalil, PS/Co-Course Coordinator

A. Radiation Concepts

  • Fundamentals of Radiations,
  • Radioisotopes and their Application in Food, Agriculture, Health, Industry and Environment
  • Food Irradiation for Food Safety & Security

B. Food Nutrition and Engineering

  • Food Canning & Extrusion Technology
  • Nutritional Evaluation of Foods
  • Facts about Dietary Fats

C. Crop Improvement

  • Mutation Breeding
  • Biotechnology

D. Plant Protection

  • Nuclear Techniques in Insect Pest Management
  • Termite Control
  • Biological Control
  • Plant Pathology

E. Soil and Environmental Science

  • Isotopes in Soil Science and Plant Nutrition
  • Crop Water Use Efficiency
  • Integrated Nutrient Management
  • Growing of off-season Vegetables in high Tunnel Farming

F. Modern Analytical Techniques

  • Chromatography Spectroscopy
  • Statistical & Computational Techniques
  • Statistical Designs Economic Analysis

G. Special Lectures

  • Role of Biotechnology in Agriculture
  • Environmental Issues/Global Warming
  • Current status of food safety and Halal Foods
The Host City and Province

The venue of the course will be Nuclear Institute for Food and Agriculture (NIFA) located on G.T. Road Tarnab Farm, Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The city of Peshawar has historical importance as crossroads of Central and South Asia. Peshawar is most culturally vibrant and lively city in this region. This has been a route for many saints and trade caravans on their way to Indo-Pak. Over the years, Peshawar has evolved into one of Pakistan's most ethnically and linguistically diverse city and now presents a blend of modern and traditional attributes. The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province itself is famed all over the world for its natural beauty encompassing snowcapped mountains, verdant valleys, hub of vegetable and fruit laden orchards, and twisting rivers making it an excellent tourist attraction. In addition to this, the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has well developed industrial estates located in different cities. Participants will have an opportunity to see the beauty of the historical area.


Mr. Muhammad Zahid, DCS/Course Coordinator
Mr. Shahid Akbar Khalil, PS / Co-Coordinator
Nuclear Institute for Food and Agriculture
(NIFA), Tarnab, Peshawar
Phone    :  091-2964060-62 (Ext. 247, 239)
Mob      :  0333-9201361, 03300-5900250
Fax        :  091-2964059
Email     :