Head of division: Dr. S. Jawad Ahmad Shah, DCS
Research Mandate
Research Groups
Products and Technologies


Division is actively engaged in basic and applied research on economically important insect pest and diseases of national importance with an overall goal to contribute in the reduction of production losses in a way to protect environment. Major focus is on the development of eco-benign technologies for the management of economically important problems including fruit worm, fruit fly, aphids and rusts in vegetables, fruits and arable crops. Plant Protection Division is composed of five research groups including plant pathology, bio-control, medical entomology, termite management and fruit fly management having qualified and trained manpower.

Research Mandate
  • Plant pathology group address issues of wheat including pathometry, rust virulence dynamics, host resistance, seed health and BYDV Vector monitoring and to collaborate with national wheat improvement program to foster disease resistant germplasm and varieties.
  • Bio-control group carries out R&D to develop environment friendly technologies for managing insect pests of agriculture importance with special emphasis on Bio-control technology.
  • Medical entomology group is engaged in the development and integration of short and long-term sustainable strategies against insect vectors transmitting human diseases with major emphasis on dengue vector.
  • Termite management group has a task to develop eco-friendly technologies for management of crop and building termites.
  • Fruit fly management group is mandated to facilitate production of pesticide residue and fruit fly free good quality fruits and vegetables by applying eco-friendly technologies like MAT, BAT and botanicals etc.
Research Groups
  1. Plant Pathology
  2. Bio-Control
  3. Medical Entomology
  4. Termite Management
  5. Fruit Fly Management
Products and Technologies
  1. Tricho-cards
  2. Plastic Strip Trapper Technique
  3. NIFA Dengue Guard
  4. Fly Guard
  5. Mosquito Blood Feeding Device
  6. Low Cost Larval Diet for Mosquitoes
  7. Mosquito Lethal Ovitraps
  8. NIFA-Termap
  9. Lure Baited Fruit Fly Trap
  10. Fruit Fly artificial Larval diet