Abid's Trackmove

Abid's Trackmove is a windows-based computer application developed for assisting the monitoring of walking speed and pattern of insects and other arthropods' movement using a simple coordinate system. It takes the input as grids numbers on a pre-defined co-ordinate system. The application can be used in ohter zoological studies too.

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Research Econolyzer

Economic analysis of the agricultural research data can provide an estimate of risks and profitability of the proposed technologies before making recommendations for the farmers.  Reearch Econolyzer is a software designed to perform marginal analysis on the research data intended to make recommendations to the farmers. It also calculates value cost ratio for various experimental treatments to compare them with untreated control.

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Unit Calculator

Unit Calculator has been developed for conversion of basic and derived units commonly used in agricultural research. Salient features of the software include calculation and interconversion of  units of length, mass, area (including local units), solution concentration, form yield and radiation units. The software also helps in calculation of the time intervals between various calendar dates.

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