Head Technical Services Division: Mr. Muhammad Zubair Shah, PE


Technical Services Division has a key role in the overall functioning of the Institute by providing vital support services for addressing and rectification of day to day technical problems of the institute (during working hours as well as off hours for rest house, security and hostel)


The main objective of this Division is provision of prompt and cost effective services for Repair & maintenance of infrastructure, Equipment, Machinery and to ensure proper supply of utilities i.e. Electricity, Gas, and Water (round the clock), IT and Communication, for smooth functioning of the Institute.

  • 1. Electrical / Electronics / HVAC / Telephone Services
  • This section is Led by Mr. Asif Murad Pr. Engineer and is responsible for day to day R/M activities related to Electrical fixtures / installations, smooth provision of Electricity to Institute 24/7, R&M of Scientific & Research Equipments, Computer H/W and Peripheries, Air Conditioning and other Refrigeration Appliances, Local and land line Telephone service to the institute.

  • 2. Mechanical / Civil
  • Led by Mr. Jahangir Khan Sr. Engineer and is responsible for day to day R/M activities related to Civil, Mechanical, Plumbing and Carpentry services to the institute.

  • 3. Information Technolology Cell
  • IT Cell is responsible for day to day IT related activities and services to the institute.