Farm management branch of NIFA is responsible to assist scientists of various groups in management of their field trials, production of Pre basic seed of NIFA wheat and canola varieties.  Establishment of Integrated Farming System is a new assignment under progress. It is also involved in value addition of farm produce, resource management, beautification of NIFA premises and multiplication of nursery plants.  NIFA farm management is also providing assistance to administration and scientists in labs. The most important task yet to be initiated is the development of new farm land.

Experiments on wheat, canola and chickpea have been planted on 14acres of land during 2007-08. Lawns have been developed on 59000 sq ft area. Pre basic seed production of wheat and canola is in progress on eight acres of land.

Seventy ornamental structures were constructed inside NIFA premises. Hedges comprising of 28000 plants have been developed all around the paths and roads.  Artificial hill nearby reception was made, 1300 marry gold flowers and 200 chrysanthemum flower pots were prepared and placed inside the building. Moreover different shades of chrysanthemum have been acquired from other organizations    Approximately 10000 hedge & evergreen plants are available in the nursery. 200 evergreen plants in pots have already been developed and placed in corridors.  More then 400 flower pots have been prepared and placed in NIFA premises

Under the resource management program the crop residues and waste grains of Wheat, Mungbean, Chickpea, Canola and Maize are used as feed for Chicken, ducks, fish and have also been used for preparation of compost and propagation of mushrooms.
In the integrated farming system a fish and poultry farm (both chicken and ducks) have been developed at NIFA premises.

Root stock of peach, plum and apricot has also been planted on 0.5 acre.
Wheat straw was utilized for mushroom propagation and the access was auctioned. Maize/ Mungbean/ chickpea/sorghum residues were used for preparation of compost. 500 kgs of wheat flour is supplied to canteen every month for bread making. Squashes/Okra produced on marginal land was supplied to the canteen. Farm income was generated through the disposal of various crop residues, fruits, vegetable, Chickpea and chickpea flour, Mungbean, Maize fodder/ Grains, Chicken and Duck eggs and branches of ornamental plants. The soil taken from the fish pond was used for the development of front lawn on 36000 sq. ft.