Nestled in the suburbs of historical city of Peshawar, which is one of the Asia’s most important cross-roads and a crucible in which many cultures have made their contributions, the institute is located on the national highway at a distance of 15 kilometers east from the city of Peshawar. The campus is adjacent to provincial agriculture related institutes like the Directorate of agricultural Engineering as well as the Agricultural Research Institute, Tarnab, Peshawar.

In NIFA, the main focus of research is on the development of improved techniques for increasing the yield of important food crops and the development of the package of technologies for extending the storage life of cereals, fruits and vegetables produced in the country by the use of nuclear and other relevant techniques.
The institute holds the promise of making significant contributions towards improving agriculture production in the country, passing economic benefits to farmers and striving to share in the efforts to make the country self-reliant and self-sufficient in agricultural commodities.

Quality Policy Of NIFA
We are fully committed to:  

  • Achieve food security and ensure food safety through research and development (R&D) by nuclear and other advanced techniques in the areas of Food and Agriculture.
  • Develop skilled and dedicated human resource, and continually improve our processes to meet customers’ requirements.
  • Fulfill all the statutory and regulatory requirements applicable to our services.