Manager ORIC: Dr. Muhammad Amin / Pr. Scientist

The Nuclear Institute for Food and Agriculture (NIFA), is an establishment of Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC), is actively involved in R&D activities related to food and agriculture for last 40 years. The ultimate goal of the institute is to develop and disseminate innovative agricultural technologies to achieve sustainability in agricultural production and to ensure national food security. This mission can only be achieved through active and strong collaboration with other related national and international organizations. For this purpose, Office of Research, Innovation and Commercialization (ORIC) is being established in NIFA to serve as a focal point, encompassing all the research activities i.e. from development of research proposal to the commercialization of research products - under a single umbrella.


    1. To establish collaborative working relationship by improving linkages with

    • Industry
    • Farming Community
    • Donor agencies
    • Researchers
    • Universities (Academia>)
    • Public Sector organizations

    2. To promote technology-transfer, commercialization and dissemination of research out comes of NIFA to end users

    3. To explore various national & international research funding opportunities and communicate the same with NIFA employees.

    4. To coordinate / follow up the submitted funded projects

    5. To help scientists in registration and patenting their research products.

    6. To arrange/conduct seminars, conferences and training programs for the capacity building of NIFA scientists to keep them updated with national/international developments in their respective fields.

    7.To develop data bases or computerized record of research projects, publications, student supervisions and visits.

For information regarding NIFA products / analytical services and students research / internship

Dr. Muhammad Amin PS / Manager ORIC

P.O. Box 446, Peshawar, 25000

Ph: 091-2964873

Fax: 091-2964059

Cell: 0333-9156518, 0348-8996022

Email: mails@nifa,org,pk,